We are more than a nonprofit organization. We are a ministry of service that includes nearly 16,000 paid, professional employees dedicated to helping those in need rebuild their lives and reach their full potential.

News and Events

  • A child standing in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

    Our Work in Puerto Rico is Far from Over

    At Volunteers of America, we’re at our best when times are at their worst. In addition to our usual work helping America’s most vulnerable, we took on the critical mission in recent months of helping Puerto Rico recover and rebuild following two devastating hurricanes. Our work is far from over, as we transition in the New Year from the relief effort to long-term recovery.

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  • Two female millennial friends

    Join Us in Going #BacktoBasics

    What happens when you commit to give up your everyday basic indulgences and instead donate the money saved to support women in need? You’ll make a real impact. By donating the cost of your basic indulgences, you can provide the basic necessities, including food, clothes, and shelter, for women working to get back on their feet.

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  • Old American Golf Club

    Old American Golf Club to Host 2018 Volunteers of America LPGA Texas Classic

    LPGA and event officials announced that Old American Golf Club in The Colony will host the Volunteers of America LPGA Texas Classic this April 30 – May 6, 2018. The official LPGA tournament will feature 144 of the world’s top talent in a four-day stroke-play event, vying for a $1.3 million purse.

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  • 1,400,000

    more than 1.4 million people helped annually

  • 57,000

    kids and young people given opportunities they could never have imagined

  • 20,000

    veterans whose lives we have helped improve

  • 28,000

    individuals and families impacted by incarceration helped

  • 11,000

    individuals with intellectual disabilities empowered to be independent and involved in their communities

  • 106,000

    older adults cared for, housed and loved

  • 100,000

    homeless individuals assisted

  • 23,000

    people housed in our 19,426 affordable housing units in 484 properties